U.S Lawmakers, Do They Have the Right?

I may not be totally unbiased on the subject, however, I have this "Off the Wall" belief that whatever money that's leftover from my hours of hard work; and after I pay my taxes to empower these senseless bureaucrats, is mine to spend as I please. Are they telling me that if I gamble in Las Vegas, I won't lose any of my hard earned cash? I don't think so! My chances are better, and the payouts higher gambling online and I don't have to spend a $1000.00 to fly there, or pay for a room that I probably won't use much. 

The fact that these misguided politicians think minors are successfully gambling online in numbers that amount to anything, is testimony to the fact that they are clueless as to what one has to go thru in order to actually cash in and cash out at most online casinos. It's testimony to fact that these politicians sponsoring these bills need to spend a little time getting in touch with the new Millennium, and maybe even consider joining it! 

There is little doubt in my mind that the prohibtionary handcuffs they are attempting to put on supposedly FREE Americans, will backfire, and take the handcuffs off the crooks who would like nothing better than to drive as many electronic money transferring companies underground as possible. 

Passing laws that tell us what we can, and can't spend our money on is ludicrous, and most likely unconstitutional. I think it's ludicrous to spend $100.00 a head for dinner and drinks, but these politicians do it almost everyday. I respect their right to do that, even though many of them are fat, overweight, and probably slowly killing themselves. 

I think it's silly to spend a $100 dollars on "Greens Fees" to smack a little ball around a golf course, unless you're playing the game for money. Isn't "Birdies, Greenies and Sandies" a form of illegal gambling? Add another $30 dollars for an electric cart, because you're too out of shape to walk......but they still call it exercise! Get over yourselves boys! 

Quit screwing around with our God given freedoms to choose. We're American adults, not children, and slavery was abolished, remember? Do your job and protect us by regulating and ensuring that there are trustworthy, fair and honest online casinos for us to play at, but don't tell me I can't sit down with a buddy from England, play a little Blackjack or Poker, and shoot the breeze! Vote No to these misguided attempts to pass yet more laws that needlessly take away the protected rights of Americans. What will be next?
Quit diluting the Constitution that made the country great. 

If you politicians are so bored that you need to keep finding ways to restrict, and control the population of this country, grab a hammer and spend the time you are wasting at the taxpayer's expense and go help build a house for a homeless family. You can still collect your paychecks! At least you'd be doing something productive for your country, and fellow Americans!

Stop using our Constitution as a weapon to steal that which is not yours to take! Pass laws that PRESERVE our FREEDOMS, and our right to make our own free choices. If you love this FREE country, SHOW IT, by "Voting NO" to HR 2143!

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